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Plantage Doklaan | € 2.750 excl. bills | Ref 6322

Frequently Asked Questions

International Money Transfers
Update: 5 April 2024 : We advise you to use for efficient, fast, cheap, and transparent money transfers. Click HERE (Youtube) for a short introduction video.

City Taxes 2024 (= gemeente belastingen)
Update: 20 March 2024
City taxes need to be paid by the tenant. City taxes include: Waste collection tax (= afvalstoffenheffing) and Water authority tax (= watersysteemheffing).
Rates Waste collection tax for 2024:
€352 for single-person households.
€469 for multi-person households (two or more people, including babies and children).

Rates Water authority tax for 2024:
(charged by Waternet)
€170,30 per home

If you move to another municipality and no one is left at your Amsterdam address, you are entitled to a reduction and, in some cases, a refund of the amount paid in excess. Send a copy of your rental contract and deregistration from the city register to or call +3120 255 4800.
Afvalstoffenheffing: For more info about Waste collection tax, click HERE or HERE (new tab).
Watersysteemheffing: For more info about Water authority tax, click HERE or HERE (new tab).

Annual rent adjustment (Rental agreement Article 5)
Update: 18 January 2024
Wet Vaste Huurcontracten zal in werking treden op 1 juli 2024.
De huurprijsaanpassing in 2024 is bepaald op 5,5%.
In 2024, the rent can be increased up to 5.5%.

Excluding bills/utilities, what does it mean?
Update: 2 August 2023
These are the estimated/average costs for bills/utilities per month:
Internet: €50
Water: €15
Energy: €100-200 (depending on the consumption, less during cold and more during warm periods, more in bigger apartments)

To apply for energy, water, and internet, please click here (Easynuts).