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Update: 8 September 2022
Prices for gas (and electricity) are rising, and most probably will keep on rising. Advice: follow the news. Prices for energy will be around € 550 per month for a small apartment occupied by a single person. Energy companies are not in control of these prices. They are depending on the purchase price of gas, coming from Russia.

Update: 3 March 2022
Due to the war in Ukraine, gas, and electricity prices have risen tremendously. Last few days it was difficult or even impossible to apply for a new energy contract with Dutch energy companies. But, if you rent an apartment, you will always have energy. The energy contract (variable rates only) can be applied at a later stage for sure. Prices: in comprising this a few months ago, expect to pay double or more. For example, a one-bedroom 60 m² can have a monthly pre-paid energy bill of € 250 (before € 125).

To apply for energy, water, internet please click here (Easynuts).